What to Know When Purchasing Used Ice Maker Bins 

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Used ice bins

Most large ice machines are modular, meaning they require both the machine and a separate ice storage bin. If you’re thinking about buying a modular ice machine, you’re also in the market for an ice maker bin. Buying used ice maker bins is a cost-friendly decision, but here are some tips that will help you be as informed during the … Read More

Tips when Looking for a Used Ice Machine for Sale

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Used ice machine for sale
Buying a used ice machine for sale in Chicago can be a cost-effective way to provide ice, but with any used equipment, there is a risk. Ice machines may look tough, but they’re actually quite delicate. Luckily there are ways to identify red flags that can signify a bad investment. Here are a few things you should watch out for ... Read More

How to Choose an Ice Maker Water Filter

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Ice Maker Water Filter
Your ice maker water filter limits the amount of dirt, scale, and minerals that can end up in your unit. There are a lot of ice machine water filters on the market – and each is designed to help reduce specific particles from entering your ice machine. Choosing †he right type is a matter of understanding your area's water condition ... Read More

Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

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Coronavirus Ice Machine
Infectious diseases like coronavirus, also called COVID-19, can transfer from a dirty ice machine to customers and employees. Ice machines are not an environment where viruses can proliferate, but ice can carry germs if employees practice improper ice handling techniques. We’ve put together a guide to help you protect Chicago businesses from coronavirus and other contagious diseases. How Does Coronavirus ... Read More

Is a Countertop Ice Maker Right For Your Chicago Business?

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DM-200B Countertop ice maker
A countertop ice maker is a great option for Chicago businesses where customers and employees need access to ice. These models are often the best ice machines for waiting rooms and office breakrooms. They are an easy – and safe – ice solution for businesses that don’t have a serving staff. Here are some of the benefits of installing a ... Read More

Everything You Need To Know To Choose the Best Ice Machine

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Best Ice Machine
Looking for the best ice machine for your business? Choosing one is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of factors you’ll need to consider, like: Choosing the right sized ice machine Picking the right ice cube shapes for your business Making sure you have enough space Providing the right drainage Having the correct electrical setup Selecting the right condenser Maintaining proper ... Read More