4 Ice Safety Solutions for Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

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Ice Safety Solutions Automatic Icemakers

You should treat ice like you would food because both can cause foodborne illness if you don’t follow proper ice safety solutions. The FDA defines ice as food, and as such, has health code regulations regarding them. Most contaminants don’t proliferate on ice. However, research has also shown that some bacteria and viruses can survive cold and even freezing temperatures. … Read More

Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Ice Machine Bin

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Cleaning you ice machine bin Automatic Icemakers

According to the FDA, ice classifies as a food, and food needs to be handled and stored properly. If it’s not, you run the risk of exposing your customers or staff to food-borne illnesses. The best way to keep your ice safe is to clean your ice machine bin, and you don’t need to be an ice machine technician to … Read More

What Types of Ice Are Best for Bars and Cocktail Lounges?

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Popular Ice Shapes Easy Ice

The type of ice shape you choose can have an effect on your bar or restaurant’s bottom line. Many ice cubes are designed to limit product loss and save time serving customers. In this article, we identify the best ice cube shapes for cocktail lounges and sports bars alike.

Prevent Scale Buildup and Protect Your Ice Maker

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Scale can cause all types of problems in your ice machine from freeze ups to float switch issues. Scale is primarily dependant on the water quality in your area. If you have high mineral content, you’ll need to take some measures to make sure it doesn’t form into scale. We show you how to keep your ice machine scale-free by making the right preparations.