Think Before Purchasing a Cheap Ice Machine

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Cheap Ice Machine

Ice machines can be expensive and Chicago business owners often think they can save money buying a cheap ice machine instead. While this does save some money upfront, a cheap ice machine is likely to break down leaving you with expensive repairs down the line. We show you the things to look out for when saving money on an ice maker.

Ice Machine Not Making Enough Ice? Here Are the Most Common Causes.

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Ice machine not making enough ice

Have you ever walked into work and realized your ice bin isn’t as full as it normally is? If it seems like your ice machine is not making enough ice, it could be due to an underlying problem. Temperature, low water flow, or component issues could be lowering your ice production rate. We tell you the most common causes that cause ice machines to slow down.

What to Know When Purchasing Used Ice Maker Bins 

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Used ice bins
Most large ice machines are modular, meaning they require both the machine and a separate ice storage bin. If you’re thinking about buying a modular ice machine, you’re also in the market for an ice maker bin. Buying used ice maker bins is a cost-friendly decision, but here are some tips that will help you be as informed during the ... Read More

Stacking Ice Machines: A High Volume Ice Maker Solution?

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High volume Ice maker Chicago
If you run a small Chicago business that needs more ice on hand, one of the most cost-effective options is a high volume ice maker. If you plan on getting a bigger ice machine, know that they give off a lot of heat. You’ll need adequate ventilation to accommodate the bigger unit. When industrial ice machines don’t receive enough ventilation, ... Read More

Tips when Looking for a Used Ice Machine for Sale

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Used ice machine for sale
Buying a used ice machine for sale in Chicago can be a cost-effective way to provide ice, but with any used equipment, there is a risk. Ice machines may look tough, but they’re actually quite delicate. Luckily there are ways to identify red flags that can signify a bad investment. Here are a few things you should watch out for ... Read More