What Does it Mean When My Hoshizaki Ice Machine Is Beeping?

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Hoshizaki Ice Machine Beeping

If you are one of the many Chicago businesses that rely on a Hoshizaki commercial ice maker for ice, you’ll want to keep it in the best condition. That’s Hoshizaki has developed a coded system within the ice machine to alert users and technicians to potential problems in the machine. In this article, we’ll discuss how to decode a Hoshizaki beep alarm, so you know what’s going on inside your ice machine.

How is Sonic Ice Made in Commercial Ice Machines?

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Sonic Ice
Sonic ice is a popular choice for Chicago hospitals, elementary schools, coffee shops, and restaurants. Its soft, chewable texture has many uses in these industries – and they’re popular in drinks as well. Commercial ice makers have a unique way of producing this type of ice. Curious how Sonic ice is made? In this article, we’ll show you how a ... Read More

Specialty Ice Types for Chicago Businesses

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Specialty Ice
A traditional square cube is what most people envision when they think about ice. However, ice comes in many shapes and sizes because businesses use ice beyond just drinks. Specialty ice helps Chicago hospitals, markets, restaurants, and bars operate. Let's look at some specialty ice types and the many ice machine models that produce them. Nugget/Cubelet Specialty Ice This type of ice cube has ... Read More

The Best Uses for Under Counter Ice Makers

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Undercounter Ice Maker

Compact in size but largely convenient, under counter ice makers help businesses to have a more accessible ice supply in a self-contained unit. With a smaller size and modest daily yield, these ice machines work best behind bars and in restaurants where staff has little time to waste running back to get ice.

Is a Pellet Ice Maker Right for My Chicago Business?

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Pellet Ice Maker
A pellet ice maker produces chewable, soft ice that is popular in Chicago hospitals, elementary schools, and many bars and restaurants as well. Pellet ice has many different names. Nugget ice, cubelet ice, pebble ice, even Sonic ice after the popular drive-up chain. No matter what you call it, pellet ice is a great option for many businesses. Let's look ... Read More