How to Protect Your Customers from a Dirty Ice Machine

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Dirty Ice Machine
A Dirty Ice Machine = Dirty Ice It’s surprising how many people don’t consider ice as a possible health safety issue. According to the FDA, ice is a food product – and you should treat it as such. A dirty ice machine can produce ice that can make customers sick and land you in hot water during a health inspection. ... Read More

Top Ice Maker Problems Caused By Cold Weather – and How to Prevent Them

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Ice Maker Problems Winter
Ice requires cold temperatures to form, so you probably wouldn’t think that lower temperatures could cause significant commercial ice maker problems – but they can. Extended harvest times, freeze-ups, and cracked water lines are just some of the issues you’ll encounter if the temperature drops too far down.   Here is a description of the most common ice maker problems you’ll ... Read More

Why a Commercial Ice Maker Rental is a Better Choice Than Buying

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Commercial Ice Maker Rental

Maintenance, professional cleaning, and repairs are just some of the costs associated with buying an ice machine – and they can add up! Many business owners prefer a commercial ice maker rental because many of those responsibilities fall on the rental company. Should you buy or rent an ice machine? We tell you why a commercial ice maker rental may be right for you.

Is a Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Right for My Business?

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Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Automatic Icemakers
Many different industries chose a commercial nugget ice maker over ice machines that produce more traditional cube. Nugget ice has many uses, from cooling beverages, treating injuries, and hydrating patients. Let’s discuss what makes nugget ice unique and whether your business can benefit from it. What is Nugget Ice? Nugget ice has many different names such as cubelet ice, chewblet ... Read More

4 Ice Safety Solutions for Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels

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Ice Safety Solutions Automatic Icemakers
You should treat ice like you would food because both can cause foodborne illness if you don't follow proper ice safety solutions. The FDA defines ice as food, and as such, has health code regulations regarding them. Most contaminants don’t proliferate on ice. However, research has also shown that some bacteria and viruses can survive cold and even freezing temperatures. ... Read More