Avoid Dangerous Microclimates with Proper Ice Maker Installation

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machine Care

Microclimates are when the surrounding temperature around your ice machine is much hotter than the room the unit is installed in, making them very easy to miss. YOur ice machine could be working overtime without your ever knowing it. In this article, we explain how to avoid microclimates by following a few installation tips.

Prevent Contamination with an Ice Machine Sanitizer

Reading Time: 4 minutes Food/Ice Safety, Ice Machines 101

Hospitals have to maintain a sanitary environment because patients are more susceptible to infection that most other people. Keeping your ice machine sanitary is no exception. Ozone is a remarkable sanititzer that is powerful and low-hassle. If you’re curious how ozone works, check out our article!

Will an Air Cooled Ice Machine Raise My Room’s Temperature?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Ice Machines 101

Air-cooled units stay cool by emitting hot air out of the unit and into the surrounding environment, which can raise the temperature of your workplace if you don’t look out. There are plenty of ways to keep the surrounding area around your ice machine cool with a few simple actions. We show you how to keep the area around your air-cooled ice maker cool.

Avoid Dirty Air Filters: How to Clean Your Ice Maker Filter

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machines 101

Hoshizaki KM-520MAJ ice machine Automatice Icemakers

Cleaning your air filter is vital if you want your ice machine to function properly – but its commonly overlooked. Truth is, keeping your air filter clean is quite easy and doesn’t take that much time at all. Most models make it very easy to remove and clean an air filter – we show you how!