Cancel Your Automatic Icemakers Lease

Canceling Your Automatic Icemakers Lease is Simple

If you wish to cancel your ice maker lease for financial reasons, because your business is closing, or if our service isn’t working for you, please contact us and give us 30-days to schedule a time to pick up the ice machine.

Below are the stipulations when canceling your commercial ice machine lease:

What If I’m Going Out of Business?

Most of our cancelations are a result of businesses closing. We understand this is always a difficult time and we’ll work with you to deinstall and remove the ice machine from your business as quickly as we can. With that in mind, here is what you’ll expect if you must cancel your ice maker lease when going out of business:

  • No fees when canceling due to shut down – If you’re shutting down your business, we will not hold you liable for our standard 85% of the remaining balance on your ice machine lease agreement. Simply give us a heads up, and we’ll schedule a time to pick up the ice machine. We won’t charge you any additional fees.
  • Please give us 30-days' notice – Deinstalling and retrieving an ice machine is a difficult process and we would appreciate that you give us 30-days' notice so we can schedule the best time to pick up the ice maker.

Canceling Your Ice Maker Lease for Any Other Reason

If you wish to cancel your lease because you’re unhappy with the service, please give us a call. We will be happy to work with you to keep your business. Please don’t attempt to cancel by stopping payment altogether. Cancelations due to non-payment are subject to the same stipulations listed below:

  • 85% of the remaining balance on your ice machine lease – Customers who wish to cancel for reasons other than going out of business will be subject to 85% of the remaining balance on their lease agreement.
  • Please do your best to adhere to the 30-day policy. Just as we do with businesses that are closing, we require 30-days' notice to pick up the ice machine. Please let us know as soon as you wish to cancel so we can decrease the total amount due to 85% of the remaining balance on your commercial ice machine lease. There’s no reason to wait for the last minute and pay full price for a service you don’t intend to keep.

Your Responsibilities

  • Please take care of the equipment. We understand that workplaces can be hectic, and we expect they’ll be some normal wear and tear on our ice machines. Just remember, even if you decide you’re are done with our commercial ice maker lease doesn’t mean we are done using the machine. We will hold customers financially responsible for any repairs to damaged ice equipment.
  • Do not sell our equipment after you’re done with it. If you’re selling your business, let us know. You’re still responsible for the ice machine, and even if your business changes hands, that doesn’t mean your ice maker lease does as well.

Limit the Risk

For questions about our account, contact our Service Delivery Team.

Ice Maker Lease

Questions About Your Ice Maker Lease?

If you have any questions about your ice machine lease agreement, please give us a call, and we’ll be glad to go over the specifics. You can also contact using the above form, and we’ll get right back to you.