Use Safe Practice to Prevent Ice Contamination

Reading Time: 5 minutes Food/Ice Safety, Ice Machine Care

Ice contamination

Ice is considered a food by the FDA, but can it really spread foodborne illness the same way a piece of chicken would? Ice contamination can happen just as easily as food contamination at your Chicago business if not monitored carefully. Ensuring that you’re following proper guidelines will prevent your customers and employees from becoming sick.

Is Your Ice Maker Leaking? Here’s Why.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machine Care, Ice Machines 101

Ice maker leaking

You need water to make ice, so that means that there is always the risk of your ice machine springing leak. With your commercial ice machine in Chicago, there are a few common places where a leak might occur when it comes to ice machines. We’ll help you identify the common causes of leaks to help with ice machine troubleshooting.

A Guide to Easy Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ice Machine Care

Hoshizaki Ice Machine Cleaning

It’s important for businesses to keep ice machines clean to maintain a safe ice supply for their customers or employees. Following proper procedures when cleaning a Hoshizaki ice maker means not only disinfecting the ice machine but sanitizing it as well.

Guide to Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaning

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machine Care, Ice Machines 101

Manitowoc ice machine cleaning

Cleaner ice machines are more sanitary, consistent, and energy-efficient, which is better for any Chicago business. Without quality ice from your Manitowoc ice maker, you’ll be stuck with unhappy customers. We show you how to clean, disinfect, and sanitize your ice maker and bin.

Ice Machine Not Making Enough Ice? Here Are the Most Common Causes.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ice Machine Care, Ice Machines 101

Ice machine not making enough ice

Have you ever walked into work and realized your ice bin isn’t as full as it normally is? If it seems like your ice machine is not making enough ice, it could be due to an underlying problem. Temperature, low water flow, or component issues could be lowering your ice production rate. We tell you the most common causes that cause ice machines to slow down.

Coronavirus: How to Keep Your Employees and Customers Safe

Reading Time: 6 minutes Ice Machine Care

Coronavirus Ice Machine
Infectious diseases like coronavirus, also called COVID-19, can transfer from a dirty ice machine to customers and employees. Ice machines are not an environment where viruses can proliferate, but ice can carry germs if employees practice improper ice handling techniques. We’ve put together a guide to help you protect Chicago businesses from coronavirus and other contagious diseases. How Does Coronavirus ... Read More