The Benefits of Square Ice Cubes for Cocktail Bars

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Square Ice Cubes

Square ice cubes have been a popular choice with whiskey and scotch lovers for decades. Over the last few years, mixology has gained in popularity. We show you the best square ice cube machines that produce slow-melting square cubes to satisfy the most discerning drink palates.

What is an ADA Ice Maker? 

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ADA Ice Maker

An ADA ice maker is an ice machine that meets the specification outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was established in 1990. The measure prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities, and ADA-complaint appliances are designed so people with disabilities can have access without assistance. The ADA is a federal law that extends to Chicago businesses as well. … Read More

Why a Commercial Ice Maker Rental is a Better Choice Than Buying

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Commercial Ice Maker Rental

Maintenance, professional cleaning, and repairs are just some of the costs associated with buying an ice machine – and they can add up! Many business owners prefer a commercial ice maker rental because many of those responsibilities fall on the rental company. Should you buy or rent an ice machine? We tell you why a commercial ice maker rental may be right for you.

Is a Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Right for My Business?

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Commercial Nugget Ice Maker Automatic Icemakers

Many different industries chose a commercial nugget ice maker over ice machines that produce more traditional cube. Nugget ice has many uses, from cooling beverages, treating injuries, and hydrating patients. Let’s discuss what makes nugget ice unique and whether your business can benefit from it. What is Nugget Ice? Nugget ice has many different names such as cubelet ice, chewblet … Read More

Easy Steps for Cleaning Your Ice Machine Bin

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Cleaning you ice machine bin Automatic Icemakers

According to the FDA, ice classifies as a food, and food needs to be handled and stored properly. If it’s not, you run the risk of exposing your customers or staff to food-borne illnesses. The best way to keep your ice safe is to clean your ice machine bin, and you don’t need to be an ice machine technician to … Read More

What Types of Ice Are Best for Bars and Cocktail Lounges?

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Popular Ice Shapes Easy Ice

The type of ice shape you choose can have an effect on your bar or restaurant’s bottom line. Many ice cubes are designed to limit product loss and save time serving customers. In this article, we identify the best ice cube shapes for cocktail lounges and sports bars alike.