What Causes an Ice Maker Freeze Up?

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Ice Maker Freeze Up
You wouldn’t think ice could harm your commercial ice machine, but an ice maker freeze up can do extensive damage if it’s not rectified. Chicago businesses need to maintain the reliability of their ice machine to meet customer demand. An ice maker freeze up will not only cause your ice maker to not make enough ice, but can also damage ... Read More

How to Read AHRI Ratings for an Ice Machine

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AHRI Ratings

The AHRI rating is one way to measure how much ice commercial ice equipment can produce in 24 hours. You can also find this information in an ice machine spec sheet. AHRI is a type of metric ice machine manufacturers use to inform customers about their ice machine’s performance. In this article, the Ice Machine Experts at Automatic Icemakers show you how to read AHRI ice machine ratings and how you can increase your ice machine production.

The Best Ice Dispensers for Chicago Hotels

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Best Ice dispensers

No Chicago hotel is complete without an ice dispenser on just about every floor. A commercial ice dispenser should be a convenient and accessible way for guests to get ice. When choosing the best ice dispenser for the Chicago hospitality industry, there are a few options.

The 500 lb Ice Machine: A Great Option for Chicago Businesses

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Manitowoc IY-524A ice machine Automatic Icemakers

Many small businesses only need around 500 lbs of ice to get through the day. A 500 lb ice machine is one of the most cost-effective ways to supply your business with plenty of ice. We show you the types of businesses that benefit from a 500 lb ice machine and which models are the best!