Things to Consider When Looking for Commercial Ice Equipment for Sale

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commercial ice equipment for sale

If you run a Chicago business that’s looking for commercial ice equipment for sale, there are plenty of options to consider. Commercial ice machines are expensive, so you want to get the best ice machine for your business at the lowest price.

Which are the Best Ice Machine Brands?

There are a few brands to choose from when choosing commercial ice equipment for sale. Some of the most famous brands are:

Any of these brand names make ice equipment that is great for all businesses, but in our opinion, Manitowoc and Hoshizaki make the best ice machine brands in the industry.

Manitowoc Ice Machines

Manitowoc ice makers come with state-of-the-art technology that helps to monitor the status of your ice machine.

Commercial Ice Machine Leasing – Revolutionized!

Our ice machine subscriptions are more than an ice machine lease. We include preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs – for a low monthly payment!

To limit expensive repairs, Manitowoc’s easyTouch® touchscreen display alerts users to potential problems and monitors the machine’s status.

Manitowoc commercial ice maker models are also some of the most energy-efficient ice makers on the market which saves you money in utility costs.

Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki ice makers come with revolutionary design options that form ice cubes individually and prevent them from sticking together in the bin.

One of their most popular ice shapes is their crescent ice. Crescent-shaped ice solid, slow-melting, and helps businesses save money. The cubes help to reduce splashing that end up wasting product and money.

Hoshizaki commercial ice maker models also use less electricity and water than most other ice makers.

What Type of Ice Machine Should I Choose?

There are all types of ice makers that are specialized for various businesses. Everything from hotel ice machines to industrial ice making equipment is designed to meet specific business needs with all types of ice shapes.

Ice Machines come in a few types:

  • Modular with bin
  • Countertop
  • Undercounter
  • Dispensers

Modular with Bin

These are the most common types of commercial ice machines you’ll find and have the biggest range of sizes. Modular ice machines can produce anywhere between 50 to over 3000 lbs of ice a day!


Countertop ice machines are designed for countertop installation, so users can grab ice without the machine taking up a bunch of space in the business.


Undercounter ice machines are popular in bars because they allow bartenders to access to ice without taking up space behind a cramped bar.


These machines are popular in quick-serve establishments, office breakrooms, hotels, and wait rooms. Ice dispenser models drop ice directly into glassware which prevents accidental contamination. If you need water, they also make water and ice dispensers as well!

What Size Ice Machine Do I Need?

Sizing an ice maker is not easy. Whether it’s a small commercial ice maker or large ice maker, there are a few things to consider when sizing the best ice maker and ice bin:

  • How much ice do you use in a day?
  • How much ice do you go through on your busiest days?
  • How much ice does the machine produce in 24 hours?
  • How big of an ice bin do you need?

Answering these questions will help you choose an ice machine that won’t run out of ice in the middle of a workday.

Should I Choose New or Used Commercial Ice Equipment for Sale?

There are some things to know before buying a used ice machine.

Ice makers, in general, are temperamental, and a used commercial ice maker doesn’t get better with time. When buying a used ice maker for sale you should ask the owner:

  • Was the machine overworked in a challenging environment?
  • Was it given proper preventive maintenance?
  • Was it cleaned regularly?

It’s possible to get a great deal buying a used ice machine, but it’s important to know what to look for.

Should I Choose Commercial Ice Equipment for Sale or Lease?

Buying an ice machine comes with a lot of hidden costs.

You have to pay for routine maintenance, cleaning, and any repairs to keep the machine running well.

With an ice machine lease, you often get service, cleaning, and repairs included.

You should consider these costs when choosing to rent or buy an ice machine for sale.

A Lot Goes into Choosing an Ice Maker

Whether you’re a Chicago business looking for commercial ice equipment for sale or looking to lease a used ice machine, choosing the best ice machine is a big decision. If you need help choosing the best commercial ice machine for your Chicago business, feel free to contact us. We have experience sizing ice machines for any industry.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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