To offer world-class customer service at your business in Franklin, Wisconsin, you need a world-class ice machine.

Franklin is a lovely place to live and work, and as a suburb of Milwaukee, a city where you’re sure to see regular local faces and unfamiliar visitors at your business year-round. Whether you run a restaurant, bar, hotel, healthcare facility, or another kind of business in Franklin, it’s important to make clean, abundant ice available to your customers at all times, and Automatic Icemakers can help you do it. We make an ice machine lease in Franklin the most cost-effective way for businesses like yours to get the ice they need.

For one, low monthly payment, you’ll have access to the following as an Automatic Icemakers customer:

  • High-quality commercial ice machine
  • Twice-yearly preventive maintenance and cleanings
  • Repairs, including parts and labor
  • Backup Ice

That’s the most business-friendly deal you’ll find on commercial ice machines in Franklin.

Automatic Icemakers sets the gold standard for ice machine service in Wisconsin, thanks to highly trained technicians.

Leasing your ice machine from Automatic Icemakers saves you money, time, and stress, thanks to our all-inclusive program. You don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to purchase a Manitowoc or Hoshizaki ice machine; you can lease one of ours for a surprisingly affordable monthly fee. We make upgrading your ice machine easy too, allowing you to swap out your current model for a bigger, sleeker one anytime and only charging you a new installation fee to do it. Your monthly lease covers the costs of twice-annual preventive maintenance visits and all repairs, and we even provide your business with free backup ice when your ice machine breaks down, so you never have to disappoint your customers. You won’t find that level of support from any other ice machine lease provider in Wisconsin.

If you want to buy an ice machine in Franklin for your business, Automatic Icemakers can sell you the same leading brands we feature in our monthly leasing program. Our customer service team is happy to help you select the right model. Maybe your business already owns a commercial ice machine and you’re looking for ice machine maintenance in Franklin. We’ve got you covered there too. Call Automatic Icemakers today to schedule an appointment with one of our expert ice machine technicians.

Automatic Icemakers is proud to serve Milwaukee County, bringing commercial ice machines to the city of Milwaukee and its suburbs. If you’re ready to join the list of satisfied businesses who have leased or purchased one of our ice machines, contact us today!