Highland Park is one of Chicago’s vibrant villages that provides Lake County residents with exceptional service and experiences.

Keeping up with the demand means you’ll need a quality ice machine for your Highland Park business. Ice machine leases with Automatic Icemakers are an affordable way to get the best equipment for your business without the stress of buying your own.

Businesses across the North Shore choose our full-coverage program as their go-to ice machine solution. Our program covers:

  • Top of the Line Commercial Ice Equipment
  • Twice-yearly Preventative Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Backup Ice
We know you only want to provide your customers with the best, so we only carry the best ice machines for your Highland Park business.

Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers are two of the best American-made machines on the market. When you rent with us, you have access to the best products for an affordable price. Manufacturers recommend professional visits twice a year, which we keep track of for you. Routine professional care keeps the commercial ice machine at your Highland Park location in top shape. We also provide free water filter replacements during visits every six months.

Cleaning and sanitation are also provided during visits to ensure your Highland Park customers get safe ice every time. Since technicians clean thoroughly inside and out, they’re able to spot any problems during visits. If it needs an ice maker repair, they’ll work hard to complete it as soon as possible. Your lease covers all repairs, including parts and labor, making service a breeze.

During any repair, we’ll provide you with backup ice free of charge to keep your Highland Park business running smoothly. You can relax knowing that no matter what, your ice supply is covered year-round even when your machine is down. Automatic Icemakers also sells new equipment, and if you’re interested, our sales representatives can help you find the right fit. We provide preventative maintenance, cleanings, and repairs as well with our service program.

Whether your business is Downtown or in the Park District, we have the right ice machine for you in Highland Park. With ice machine service throughout Lake County and the Chicago-area, we want to help every Illinois company change the way they handle ice. Contact us today and see how an ice machine lease can improve your business!