La Grange is one of Cook County’s busiest villages, providing excellent service to customers that run on Chicago’s fast-paced schedule.

A reliable ice machine in La Grange can save you from running out of ice when you need it most. Automatic Icemakers’ ice machine lease program gives you the best ice equipment at a price that any business can afford.

Leases give you with full-coverage service for one low monthly cost. You’ll be completely covered when you partner with us because we provide you with:

  • Quality Commercial Ice Equipment
  • Twice-Yearly Preventative Maintenance
  • Cleaning and Repairs
  • Backup Ice
We’ve partnered with the best brands in the industry to give you access to Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers for the lowest prices in La Grange.

These American-made machines are durable and last even through harsh Chicago winters. This quality commercial ice equipment is dependable, but it still needs routine care and maintenance, which we cover for you in your lease. Twice a year, we’ll send one of our La Grange-area technicians to your location. They’ll service the machine, optimizing production and checking for any problems along the way.

During visits, they’ll also thoroughly clean the unit and change any standard water filters. Cleaning regularly guarantees your ice supply is sanitary, but it also reduces the risk of damage. If a technician ever notices a problem during a visit, they’ll quickly repair your ice machine in La Grange. Ice maker repairs are always covered in your lease, parts and labor included.

If you notice a problem with your ice machine outside of scheduled visits, call our 24/7 customer service line, and we’ll send a technician out shortly. In the meantime, we’ll provide you with backup ice for your La Grange business at no extra charge. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re always covered with Automatic Icemakers.

Automatic Icemakers also has ice machines for sale, and if you’re interested, our sales representatives can help you find the best ice machine for your La Grange business. We provide preventative maintenance, cleanings, and repairs as well with our service program for any ice maker you purchase or already own.

From the Park District to Downtown, we’ve helped La Grange businesses find a better ice machine solution. We provide quality ice machine service in La Grange, Hinsdale, Western Springs, and Chicago. Contact us today to see how an ice machine lease can help your business!