If you’re looking for a better way to manage your ice machines in Naperville, we’ve got the solution. Automatic Icemaker’s leasing program handles everything ice-related for one low monthly cost.

Businesses in Naperville work hard to serve customers from all over DuPage and Will County. Without a reliable ice machine for your Naperville business, you’ll have to work harder and spend more money to keep customers happy. Automatic Icemakers has a one-of-kind solution that takes the stress out of finding the best equipment – ice machine leases!

Our leasing program is different because we include full-coverage care and top-quality commercial ice machines for Naperville businesses, all for a low monthly cost. When you choose us, we take care of:

  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Cleanings
  • Repairs (parts and labor included)
  • Backup Ice
Whichever ice machine in Naperville you choose, we’ll cover the upfront capital on it for your business.

You can choose equipment from the list of products we carry from two of the industry’s leading brands. Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice makers are durable, especially when maintained properly. We cover two preventative maintenance visits per year with your lease, helping your ice machine stay in the best possible shape.

A big part of maintenance is ensuring that your ice machine in Naperville is clean and sanitary. During visits, our technicians will thoroughly clean the unit, including ice dispensers or bins. They’ll remove scale and slime from internal components while sanitizing external equipment to guarantee that your ice supply is safe. Our technicians will also replace all standard water filters during visits to give you the clearest ice possible.

While our technicians are optimizing and cleaning your ice maker in Naperville, they’ll also check for anything out of the ordinary. If they come across any problems, they’ll work hard to fix it quickly. We cover all repairs, including parts and labor, in your lease. If you ever have a problem outside of scheduled service, just give our 24/7 customer service line a call. Anytime you need a repair, we’ll provide backup ice to your Naperville business at no extra cost as well. Full-coverage service for an unbeatable price.

If you’re more interested in owning and want to buy an ice machine, our sales representatives can also help you find the right ice machine in Naperville for your business. We provide preventative maintenance, cleanings, and repairs as well with our service program for any ice maker you purchase or already own.

From Freedom Commons to Ogden Avenue, we’ve changed the way businesses in Naperville manage their ice. We provide ice machine service in Naperville, the Chicago-metro area, and throughout Illinois. Contact us today and see how an ice machine lease can change your business!