Many businesses need a reliable ice machine in Winnetka, IL to keep their employees, and customers cool and refreshed.

A commercial ice machine is the most cost-effective way to provide ice for businesses. At Automatic Icemakers, we have just the right ice machine for your Winnetka business!

Some of the greatest cinematic classics like Home Alone, Risky Business, Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off have been shot in Winnetka, IL suburbs. The Winnetka Park District is one of the oldest park districts in Ilinois, with over 27 parks for golf, tennis, and hockey. With all that activity, parks and surrounding businesses in Winnetka need a reliable ice machine to keep up with customer demand.

Commercial Ice Machines in Wheaton for Sale or Lease

Automatic Icemakers is your stop for affordable commercial ice machines. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new ice machine or simply need service for an existing machine, we have you covered! If you’re looking for low-hassle access to a commercial ice machine, our revolutionary ice machine leasing program is tailor-made for you. Our program includes:

  • Top of the Line Commercial Ice Machines
  • Twice-yearly Preventative Maintenance
  • Cleanings and Repairs (including parts and labor)
  • Backup Ice

We carry the best commercial ice machines in Winnetka from Hoshizaki and Manitowoc, the leading ice machine brands in the industry. No matter the size of your Winnetka business, we have the perfect sized machine to serve your customers and employees. Choose from a full line of quality ice equipment in all sizes, from 500 – 3000 lbs of ice a day. With our all-inclusive ice machine rentals, we’ll install a top-of-the-line ice machine for no capital upfront. Your low, monthly cost covers the price of the machine, and so much more!

Rentals come with biannual preventative maintenance and professional cleaning, which keeps your commercial ice maker running smoothly year-round. Our team of Ice Machine Experts will optimize your ice maker for peak performance. Never run out of ice again!

Our experienced ice machine technicians in Winnetka will also clean the machine inside and out, to keep your customers and employees safe from mold, slime, and other germs that can make people sick.

We provide a lifetime guarantee on ice machine performance. Your monthly payment covers any ice maker repairs due to machine failure.

Our customer service team is available 24/7 to answer your calls. If there is an issue with your ice machine, we’ll work to fix it. If we can’t solve the problems over the phone, we’ll send a technician to your Winnetka business as soon as possible. If the machine requires extensive repairs, we’ll provide backup ice at no extra cost. If we can’t deliver ice to you, we’ll credit you for your daily needs.

Not sure the type of commercial ice equipment for your Winnetka business? Our team of representatives will find the perfect machine for you. Already have an ice machine? We provide the same, great maintenance and professional cleaning in our service program.

Automatic Icemakers has been providing quality ice machines in Winnetka and the greater Chicagoland area since 1961. That also includes all of Cook County. Ready for a no-hassle ice machine service? Contact us today!