Why a Commercial Ice Maker Rental is a Better Choice Than Buying

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Commercial Ice Maker Rental

One of the most important decisions buy an ice machine or choose a commercial ice maker rental. Purchasing an ice machine is far from the only cost you’ll incur. Ice machines require service, maintenance, and cleaning to continue to run efficiently. If you choose to let it run without the proper maintenance, you’ll be putting your ice supply at risk – which can severely hurt your business. Here’s some things to take into consideration when choosing the best ice machine for your  business.

What you Pay for By Purchasing an Ice Machine

Owning an ice machine is easy enough – just pay the retail cost. Keeping it running efficiently is a whole other issue.

Without maintenance and cleaning, you can expect a host of ice maker problems like less ice or a serious health violation.

If you plan on buying an ice machine for sale, here are some of the additional costs you can expect:

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance involves making sure your ice machine’s components are in top working condition.

Commercial ice machines require regular checkups – just like a car. When you take a car in to get an oil change, mechanics will often check all kinds of areas like tire pressure, filters, fluids, etc.

An experienced ice machine technician does the same thing as a mechanic when they perform preventive maintenance on your ice machine. They make sure all of your ice machine’s components are in working order before they break down and lead to a hefty repair bill.

Depending on the conditions of your environment, you should plan to have a qualified commercial ice machine technician check on your ice maker at least twice a year. If your ice machine is in an environment with a lot of dust or yeast in the air, like a factory or bakery, you’ll require more preventive maintenance visits.

Commercial Ice Machine Leasing – Revolutionized!

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Deep Cleaning

Cleaning does more than keep the exterior of your ice machine clean. Ice machines attract all manner of dirt and dust that adhere to vital ice machine components. When this happens, it causes your machine to run much slower because it must work harder. Overworked ice machine components eventually break down, causing expensive commercial ice maker repairs and  leaving you without ice.

A dirty ice machine can also lead to a contaminated ice supply, which can make customers sick or land you in hot water with a health inspector. It’s important to have a professional deep clean your Hoshizaki or Manitowoc ice machine a couple times a year.

Water Filters

If you own an ice machine, you’ll need an ice maker water filter to reduce sediment, particles, and mineral deposits.

Water filters need routine replacing, or all those particles will build up and reduce water flow to your ice machine, which is the leading cause of malformed ice cubes.

Phosphate water filters are particularly useful in hard water environments. They help prevent scale from building up on machine components, which can cause all kinds of problems.

Like sediment filters, phosphate filters need routine replacement.


Ice machines need repairs from time to time, but not all repairs are equal.

The more you neglect your ice machine, the more extensive (and expensive) repairs become.

If you buy an ice machine, you should have a qualified service technician that you know will charge you fairly.

Repair costs can add up quickly. For example, a compressor repair can run between $1,500-$2,000. Evaporator replacements can cost as much as $2,500-$3,000. At that price, you might want to consider just buying a new ice machine!

Replacement Ice

You can’t just close up business if your ice machine breaks down. Customers and staff still need ice for drinks. The most common solution is to go out and buy ice at retail prices, which can add up.

Most repair companies will not provide you with the ice you need while they repair your industrial ice maker, so the costs fall on you.

The average 10 lb bag of ice costs between $1-$3.

Assuming you needed 600 lbs of ice a day, you’ll be looking at a total of $180 a day just to keep your customers refreshed.

Why a Commercial Ice Maker Rental is the Way to Go

Spending money on maintenance, repairs, and replacement ice can lead to a lot of hassle if you own an ice machine. Smart business owners know they need to focus on what makes their business money. Ice is a necessity, but it’s not a commodity.

With a commercial ice maker rental, less responsibility falls on you to keep the ice machine in working order. Service, cleaning, and repairs are often included in an ice machine rental.

At Automatic Icemakers, we provide ice machines in Chicago with everything they need to stay efficient. We have the best commercial ice maker machines for every industry!

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