Dice and Half Dice Ice for Chicago Businesses

Dice and Half Dice Ice

Dice and Half Dice Ice at the Right Price 

When it comes to selecting the right ice cube for your business in Chicago, there’s a lot to consider. But with a versatile cube in Manitowoc’s signature “rhomboid” shape, the decision's easy. Manitowoc produces these cubes in a variety of sizes, but dice and half dice ice are most popular.

Dice and Half Dice ice is a very popular choice among restaurants and bars because it’s reliable and comes in high volume options. Both styles of ice are hard and slow melting, making them a perfect addition to any beverage. These cubes are also great for the office setting, helping your employees stay hydrated throughout the day.

Traditional Shape – With a Twist

Dice ice is popular among cocktail bar owners because it has that square shape cocktail enthusiasts love, with a slight slant. This “rhomboid” shape of ice melts slowly, so the cubes won’t water down drinks and affect the flavor of top-shelf spirits.

Half dice is one of the most popular ice shapes on the market, because of its versatility and unique look. This ice is narrower than larger dice cubes, so they fill glasses nicely and give the appearance of a fuller drink.

Fast Production and High Yield

Manitowoc ice machines are famous for their fast ice production. Their evaporator plate design allows them to drop large batches of ice at once until the ice bin is full. Whether you own a small café or high-volume sports bar, we have dice ice machines and half dice ice machines that produce between 250-3000 lbs of ice a day.

Key Specifics:

Ice Type Dice / Half Dice Ice
Brand Manitowoc
Shape Dice
Half Dice
Available Models Dice IDT-0500 IDF-0600 IDT-0620 IDF-0900 IDT-1200 IDT-1500 IDT-1900
Half Dice IYT-0500 IYF-0600 IYT-0620 IYF-0900 IYT-1200 IYT-1500 IYT-1900
Width Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 3/8”
Depth Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 1 1/8”
Height Dice 7/8”
Half Dice 7/8"

Technical Documents

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Quality Dice and Half Dice Ice in Chicago

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