Buy or Lease a Flake Ice Machine in Chicago

Flake Ice Machines in Chicago

Drinks and beverages aren’t the only reason your business might need ice. A Flake ice machine produces moldable flake ice for salad and seafood bars. Create dazzling presentations while also keeping food fresh and safe for your customers. If you need a flake ice machine for your business, we have you covered with low prices on models and monthly leases.

Businesses Get Creative with a Flake Ice Machine

Flake ice has a 70% ice to water ratio which makes it moldable into just about any shape. The ice sticks together, so food, bottles, and cans stay in place.

If you run a seafood restaurant, a flake ice machine can allow you to present shellfish and raw fish selections to customers. Not only is it eye-catching, but you can show the freshness of your food, as well. A flake ice maker is also a great addition when serving oysters. It’s far more cost-effective than using rock salt and safer.

Flake ice machines are excellent if you serve a lot of mai tais and margaritas. Much easier than taking the time to crush ice yourself.

Flake Ice Machines are Faster and More Reliable than Crushed Ice

Crushing hard ice cubes can damage blenders and takes time away from bartenders who could be serving drinks. Flaked ice makers come with an internal auger system that easily crushes ice so users can easily dispense it into glassware.

Whether you are looking for a commerical ice maker lease, or a commercial ice machine for sale, we have the best ice making machine for your business!

Key Specifics:

Ice TypeFlake Ice
Available ModelsHoshizaki and Manitowoc flake ice maker models available for special circumstances.
WidthVaries in size
DepthVaries in size
HeightVaries in size

Technical Documents

Manitowoc IceHoshizaki Ice

Top Flake Ice Machines in Chicago

If you need a flake ice maker for seafood or salad bars, look no further. We have a great selection of flakers in Chicago.

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