Prevent Contamination with an Ice Machine Sanitizer

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Every industry can benefit from keeping a sanitary environment, but for the healthcare industry, it’s a necessity. 1 in 25 US hospital patients falls victim to a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) according to the CDCHAI’s cost hospitals between 28 billion to 45 billion annually. Cleaning is imperative to limit infections, but can you guarantee your Chicago hospital ice machine stays sanitary between cleanings? Since patients are so susceptible to infection, a powerful ice machine sanitizer is exactly what hospitals need to limit the potential spread of HAIs in your nugget or chewable ice maker. 

The Benefits of an Ice Machine Sanitizer 

Hospital ice makers that haven’t been properly cleaned and maintained can become a home for all manner of harmful bacteria, viruses, mold, and other microorganisms. Unsanitary commercial ice makers can be the source of common HAIs such as:  

  • E. Coli 
  • Hepatitis A 
  • Norwalk Virus 

Hospitals need to clean their commercial nugget ice makers  every six months at a minimum, but even with diligent cleaning, commercial ice bins can form harmful biofilms between cleanings and contaminate your nugget ice machine.   

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Ozone: Protect Your Ice Machine Between Cleanings 

Ozone is a naturally-occurring gaseous sanitizer that forms in sunlight and lightning. It’s an incredibly strong virucide and oxidant that works 300 times faster than chlorine. Ozone eliminates contaminants by targeting the organism’s cell wall through oxidation. After the organism is eliminated, ozone converts into pure oxygen which is dispersed harmlessly into the air.    

To sanitize an industrial ice cube maker, we install an ozone generator that produces a small spark which continually disperses ozone into your ice bin.  

Why Ozone is a Cut Above Other Sanitizers 

Studies show that ozone is 99.9% effective at preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms, including those that are responsible for the common HAIs listed above.   

Ozone generators are also incredibly low-hassle. Since ozone breaks down into pure oxygen, you don’t need to rinse it out of your bin as you do with common quat-based sanitizers. There are no tanks to refill or canisters to replace since ozone generators use a small spark to continually introduce ozone into your ice maker’s environment. Ozone will continue to generate as long as the generator is running.   

Since ozone is heavier than air, the gas can lower into difficult-to-reach drain pans and dispenser openings, protecting them contamination.   

Finally, you can breathe easy during health inspections knowing that ozone will help keep your hospital ice machine within health guidelines. Most importantly, your patients will always have access to a clean source of nugget ice, free from any contaminants that may cause infection.   

The Results Speak Volumes 

In this case study, you can see how effective ozone is at preventing growth – even in the most challenging conditions.   

This ice maker was in an environment that was showing signs of extreme mold growth within 3 weeks of their last cleaning. They had an ozone generator installed during their next cleaning and the results were astounding. After 13 weeks, there was no trace of mold anywhere in their unit.   

Aside from keeping ice machines and bins free of contaminants, ozone also has significant long-term side benefits:  

  • Less growth makes for a better-performing ice machine 
  • Fewer service and emergency cleaning costs 
  • Zero stress during surprise health inspections 

Get an Ozone Generator Installed on Your Ice Hospital Ice Machine

Maintaining a sanitary ice machine should be a top priority for any Chicago healthcare facility. You can add an ozone generator to any of our low-cost ice machine leases. Along with biannual cleaning and maintenance, you can be sure your patients’ ice will be free of any contaminants.   

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