Ice-O-Nomics: How Much Does an Ice Machine Cost in Chicago?

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How much does an ice machine cost

If you own an ice machine, the costs that come with taking care of it can quickly melt away your profits. Many people wonder how much an ice machine costs, but don’t realize the initial price tag is only the beginning.

Although it may be more affordable, buying a cheap ice machine will end up costing you more in the long run. They often come with unpredictable expenses that you can’t realistically budget for. Smart business owners in Chicago know it’s important to keep costs predictable, but it’s impossible to do that with an unreliable ice machine.  Nobody wants years of hidden expenses that break the bank, so it’s important to have a better understanding of how much ice machines cost in Chicago.

The Economics Behind How Much an Ice Machine Costs

Here is a breakdown of how much an ice maker costs in total:

How Much is a Commercial Ice Machine?

When looking at commercial ice equipment for sale, be aware that it’ll cost a few thousand dollars to cover the cost. Also, it’s important to remember that if you’re purchasing a modular ice machine you will also need to purchase an ice bin or dispenser for storage.

Ice machines are not cheap, which is why people often buy used ice machines that aren’t in good condition or aren’t the right size for their business. Since the price of an ice machine depends on its size, business owners often try and purchase smaller ice machines which frequently causes them to run out of ice.

Although it may be more expensive, buying the right sized ice machine for your business will end up saving you money in the end. For instance, a smaller commercial ice machine that can produce 200-lbs of ice a day will usually cost around $1,500. For bigger machines that produce nearly one ton of ice a day, the cost can be as high as $10,000. In addition to the purchase price, you’re also responsible for installation and setup fees.

All-inclusive Ice Machine Program

Our all-inclusive ice machine subscription includes delivery and installation, and cleaning and maintenance for one low monthly payment!

How Much does Ice Machine Maintenance Cost?

Routine preventative maintenance is a must, so it’s an expense you need to budget for. If you don’t keep up with maintenance, your industrial ice cube maker will start producing unsanitary ice. It’s recommended that high volume ice machines receive professional maintenance and cleaning twice a year.

Water filters are another important component. They should be replaced every few months otherwise they could become clogged with sediment that restricts water flow. Depending on the brand and the hardness of your water, you may need to replace them more often.

Extra Costs (Repairs, Parts & Labor, After-Hours, Backup Ice)

Outside of regular maintenance, the additional costs of owning an ice machine can quickly add up. A broken ice maker is inconvenient and can be expensive to repair. However, many larger repairs are prolonged problems that haven’t been caught due to missed maintenance visits. That’s why it’s crucial that you call a professional at least twice a year to look at your commercial ice machine.

Ice Machine Repair Costs

Here is a list of the common ice machine repairs we often see:

Hot Gas Valve Replacement – $600
Expansion Valve – $600
Compressor Repair – $1500
Evaporator Repair – $2500

If you find that your ice machine is not making ice on a weekend, holiday or after hours, it can cost you big time. Most ice machine repair companies charge a premium rate for after-hours calls or repairs on holidays.

Replacement Ice

Waiting for your ice machine to be repaired will leave you without ice to keep your business going. You will have to go out and purchase backup ice and with a 500-lbs of ice costing over $100, you could be throwing money away while you wait for your ice machine repair to be finished.

Budget Better with an Ice Machine Lease

With Automatic Icemakers’ commercial ice maker rental program, you can avoid the unexpected costs that come with buying an ice machine. Our program not only provides you with the best commercial ice maker for your Chicago business, but it also covers twice-yearly preventative maintenance, cleanings, and repairs – for one low monthly cost.

Our wide range of commercial ice equipment makes it possible for any business to find the right type of ice maker. With our affordable rates, it’s even possible for smaller businesses throughout Illinois to have the convenience of a quality ice machine. If a commercial ice machine lease sounds right for your Chicago-area business, contact us today!

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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