Ice Machine Leasing in Chicago Has Never Been Easier

Ice Machine Leasing in Chicago

Ice machines can be a hassle to own, which is why many business owners choose to lease an ice machine rather than buy one. Traditional ice machine leasing in Chicago provides a commercial ice maker and complimentary service when you ask for it, but only Automatic Icemakers has an all-inclusive lease with everything you need.

We provide top-of-the-line ice machine leasing in Chicago, which includes maintenance, cleaning and ice machine repairs for a low, monthly cost. Best of all, we keep track of everything your ice maker needs to stay at 100%. No more keeping track of cleanings and waiting for service!

Our team is available to help you get started today!

The Total Package for Ice Machine Leasing in Chicago

Taking care of an ice machine requires more work than a traditional ice machine lease has to offer. That’s why we make sure to include everything ice machines in Chicago need to stay efficient, so you’re never stuck without ice for your customers and employees. For a single monthly fee you get everything below:

The Leading Ice Machine Brands

    We offer both Manitowoc and Hoshizaki ice machines, dispensers, and ice storage bins because they’re the best in the business. Both brands manufacture some of the most energy efficient models on the market, which help lower your overall utility bills. Choose between a selection of ice shapes like dice, half-dice, crescent, nugget, and more. Our ice machines produce anywhere between 250-3000 lbs of ice a day, making them the perfect choice for any sized business.

    Complete Cleaning and Service

    With traditional ice machine leasing in Chicago, you have to keep track of cleaning and routine service for the ice machine and wait for the leasing business to schedule and send a technician at the time that works best for them. Not with Automatic Icemakers. We keep track of your next ice machine maintenance and cleaning, and then we schedule the best time that works for you. If there is a problem with the ice machine, we repair it at no additional cost.

    Complimentary Replacement Ice

    Even if your ice machine breaks down, you’ll always have a supply of ice. Our ice machine leases in Chicago include complimentary breakdown ice during any ice machine repair. We have a high capacity ice plant and plenty of freezer space to supply you with ice for your customers and employees.

    24/7 Customer Support

      If you have a sudden problem with your ice machine, our 24/7 support lines are always open. Our team is ready to assist day or night. If we can’t resolve the problem over the phone, we’ll send a technician to your business right away.

      Ice Machine Leasing in Chicago That Grows with Your Business

      As your business grows, so will your ice needs, which is why we’ll upgrade your ice machine at no additional installation cost. Simply pay your new monthly fee and enjoy your larger commercial ice maker.

      Full-Service Ice Machine Leasing in Chicago

      We provide more than ice machines for Chicago businesses. With our lease program, you get full service from our team of experts for a low monthly fee!