Get Backup Ice With Any Ice Maker Lease

Even with proper preventive maintenance and cleaning, ice machines still run into problems from time to time. Just because your ice machine goes down doesn’t mean you should go without ice. We have a high capacity ice plant at our disposal for these very occasions. We provide backup ice with every ice maker lease, so you’ve got guaranteed ice in your bin while your machine is down for repairs.

If Our Ice Machine Goes Down, We Have You Covered!

Routine cleaning and preventive maintenance will drastically reduce the chances of an ice machine encountering a problem, but unforeseeable issues can still occur. If you have one of our ice machine leases and your machine goes down due to a problem within the unit, we’ll bring you fresh ice directly from our plant while our technicians get to work fixing your ice machine.  

Backup Ice for Chicago Businesses

Our backup ice program includes:

  • Clean, clear bagged ice – We provide enough ice to get you through the day while we repair your machine.
  • High capacity ice plant – we care for our machines the same as we do for our customers, so you get quality ice every time.
  • Fast and free backup ice – We have technicians on hand throughout the day ready to bring ice to your business. If there is a problem with one of our machines, ice is always free of charge.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Backup Ice for Our Ice Maker Lease

If you’re leasing one of our ice machines in Chicago, you can be sure you’ll always have ice for your customers. It’s just another way we make sure there is always ice in your bin and your needs are always met.

Dependable Backup Ice with Our Ice Maker Lease

We have plenty of ice on hand to cover your ice needs during repairs. A broken ice machine is no reason to close your business for the day.