Ice Shapes for Any Business Need

We Have the Perfect Ice Shapes for Any Chicago Business

We have a variety of ice shapes and sizes to fit your customers’ needs. Whether you want slow melting crescent shaped ice for cocktails or flaked ice for seafood presentations, we have a huge selection of ice machines in the Chicago area with many types of ice available.

Best Ice Shapes For Any Chicago Business Need

Dice and Half Dice Ice

Best Ice for Chicago Businesses

Dice and Half Dice cubes have a unique rhomboid shape that makes this type of ice look great in soft drinks and cocktails. Dice and half dice ice machines come in a wide range of sizes from 400-3000 lbs of ice a day.

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Crescent Ice

Best Type of Ice Cubes for Chicago Business

Crescent ice cubes are slow-melting and help drinks appear fuller. This ice shape allows liquid to cascade over the cubes, reducing splash backs when poured.

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Square Cubes

Ice shapes for any Chicago Business

Manitowoc and Hoshizaki both make versions of large, solid square ice shapes for top-shelf spirits and high-end cocktails. This type of ice cube elevates the presentation of any drink and are pleasing to the eye.

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Nugget Ice

Types of Ice Shapes

Nugget ice is soft and chewable, making this ice shape a great choice for hospitals and elementary schools. Chicago bars and sandwich shops also like nugget ice because it retains the flavor of drinks.

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Flake Ice

Ice Cubes for Chicago Businesses

Flake ice machines produce soft, moldable ice similar to crushed ice. This ice is a great choice if you plan on keeping seafood or produce on display. The moldable texture of this type of ice holds foods and drinks in place, while also keeping them fresh.

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All the Ice Shapes You Need Under One Roof

We have a full inventory of ice machines in the Chicago market. Our helpful staff will gladly help you choose the perfect type of ice cube for your business.