Guide to Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaning

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Manitowoc ice machine cleaning

A dirty ice machine produces less ice than a clean one. Cleaner ice machines are more sanitary, consistent, and energy-efficient, which is better for any Chicago business. Without quality ice from your Manitowoc ice maker, you’ll be stuck with unhappy customers.

When it comes to cleaning commercial ice machine equipment, it’s important to do more than just clean the surface. After washing away all dirt and grime, you must disinfect and sanitize the machine as well to ensure it’s free of bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. Disinfecting and sanitizing use chemicals to kill microorganisms that can grow in your ice machine. The bacteria, viruses, and fungi that could be in the machine are sprayed with the solution, then washed away.

To properly clean your Manitowoc ice machine, follow our instructions below.

Cleaning Your Manitowoc Ice Machine: The Exterior

Whether you own an ice maker or have an ice machine lease, you are responsible for the upkeep of your Manitowoc commercial ice equipment. Manitowoc industrial ice makers have an easy to clean, stainless steel and plastic exterior that helps keep the machine sanitary. Dirt and grime can be wiped off easily preventing the growth of harmful bacteria. However, using a sanitizing or disinfecting solution after wiping it down can help kill microorganisms that can’t be seen. This helps ensure that your ice supply is always safe for your customers.

Routinely sanitizing the exterior of your Manitowoc ice equipment also helps to prevent accidental contamination from employees when using the machine. Cleaning your ice machine as well as you would clean your dishware helps to ensure FDA standards are being met.

Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaning and Equipment

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An EPA-registered disinfecting solution can be used to clean the exterior of your ice machine. Whatever disinfecting agent you use, make sure to follow the instructions on the label. Following the instructions will keep the user safe and ensure the solution is effective.

If you’re using a bleach-based cleaner, NEVER mix bleach with other cleaners. Combining bleach with other cleaners can produce harmful, toxic fumes that can cause respiratory distress.

Disinfecting the Exterior

  • Begin by prewashing any dirty area with warm water
  • Spray the pre-washed area with any EPA-registered disinfecting agent
  • Wait at least 5 minutes for the solution to sit
  • Rinse the solution off with warm water and let air dry

Sanitizing the Exterior

  • After cleaning and disinfecting, you can sanitize further using an EPA-registered sanitizing or disinfecting agent (make sure to follow the instructions on the label for “sanitizing”)
  • Allow the solution to sit, and let air dry

Cleaning Your Manitowoc Ice Machine: The Evaporator

Whether you have an air cooled ice machine or a water cooled ice machine, the evaporator on the unit is susceptible to scale. Scale is a build up from hard water in your ice maker that can keep your machine from running properly.

Thankfully, because Manitowoc produces some of the best ice machines on the market, they make cleaning the evaporator plate on their ice machines is very simple. All you need to do is open the front panel to get inside the machine. The panel should swing open like a door, showing you a large plastic sheet hanging on a hinge. To remove the sheet, just grab the area above the hinges with your hands and gently bend it towards you till one of the tabs on the door releases from the hole in the hinge. You’ll then have access to the evaporator plate which will look like a large metal grid.

You will want to check and make sure there is no ice stuck to the evaporator. If there is any just initiate the manual harvest on your ice machine using the touchpad. If nothing is stuck on the evaporator, you can go ahead and replace the plastic sheet.

Make sure to only use nickel-safe cleaner (Manitowoc makes one) when cleaning your Manitowoc evaporator to avoid corrosion. If you use other chemicals, you can deteriorate the nickel plating on the evaporator which damages the machine.

Cleaning the Evaporator

  1. Open the front panel.
  2. Clear all ice from the bin.
  3. Use the “Clean” function on the touchpad (icon of a hand holding a washcloth).
  4. When prompted, select “turn off when complete”.
  5. 1-minute countdown will begin on touchpad, allowing the water trough to refill.
  6. Add the cleaner to the machine when prompted by the touchscreen. Pour cleaner between the water curtain and the evaporator. Follow machine guidelines for the correct amount of cleaner to add.
  7. Once added, press “chemicals added” on the touchscreen.
  8. Let the machine’s clean cycle run for 24 minutes or until the cycle is complete on the touchscreen.

Nothing Beats Professional Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaning

Although Manitowoc ice machines can be easy to clean and service, relying on self-service alone isn’t enough. It’s important to have professional cleanings and service at least twice a year to make sure the ice machine is working properly. Even if you decide to look for a commercial ice machine for sale down the road, hiring professional ice machine technicians for maintenance is crucial. Technicians can clean inside the machine carefully, ensuring the internal components are in top shape as well.

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