Manitowoc Remote Ice Machines

Manitowoc remote ice machines are a great substitute for an air cooled ice machine when space and ventilation are limited. All the heat-producing components are installed outdoors, so your workplace stays cool.

Our qualified team of Ice Machine Experts perform routine cleaning, maintenance, and repairs to keep your machine running smoothly. It's all included in lease.

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Types of Ice for Manitowoc Ice Makers

Dice Ice

Dice Ice

A traditional, square-shaped cube. Dice ice looks great in soft drinks and cocktails alike.
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Square Ice

Manitowoc Regular cubes are large and slow-melting, so drinks retain their flavor longer. Great for cocktail and whiskey bars.
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Nugget Ice

Nugget ice has a chewable texture that's soft and easy teeth. Nugget ice is popular in hospitals, elementary schools, and delis.
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Flake Ice

Flake ice is a moldable ice shape that can be molded into shapes to make seafood and produce displays. Great for specialty drinks as well!
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An Automatic Icemakers lease comes with every you need to keep your Manitowoc ice machine running smoothly. Leases come with preventive maintenance, cleaning, and repairs for a low monthly cost.