Nugget Ice for Chicago Businesses

Nugget Ice Machines for Chicago Businesses

Nugget ice, also known as cubelet ice, is popular with hospitals and elementary schools because its soft, chewable texture is easier on teeth than traditional cubes and presents less of a choking hazard. It’s also a great choice for restaurants and sandwich shops that serve a lot of soft drinks to customers.

Nugget Ice Makers Produce Ice in All Sizes

Depending on the type of ice machine, cubes comes in sizes ranging from 3/8” to ½” in width and length. We have nugget ice machines machines that produce up to 800 lbs of ice a day, and plenty of ice machine equipment designed to dispense ice without clumping or causing drinks to spill.

A Functional Ice Cube for Hospitals and Schools

If your hospital needs a way to hydrate patients who have a hard time swallowing liquid, nugget ice is a great choice. Its soft texture is easy on teeth and melts quickly. It’s also a great choice for cold compresses, because its molds around difficult surface areas like knees and elbows, providing consistent cooling.

Kids also love this ice because they can chew on it without hurting their teeth.

A Great Choice for Drinks as Well

Nugget ice is a wonderful option for bars and restaurants as well. It’s is porous, so it absorbs drinks and retains their flavor. If your bar or restaurant serves a lot of sugary drinks, like margaritas or mai tais, a nugget ice maker will make an excellent addition as a commercial bar ice maker to your business.

Whether you are looking for a commerical ice maker lease, or a commercial ice machine for sale, we have the best ice making machine for your business!

Key Specifics:

Ice TypeCubelet Ice/Nugget Ice
Available ModelsHoshizaki: F-801-C (standard)FD-650-C (standard)DCM-300 (standard) Manitowoc: Manitowoc ice machine models available for special circumstances
WidthVaries in size
DepthVaries in size
HeightVaries in size

Technical Documents

Manitowoc IceHoshizaki Ice

Get Soft, Chewable Nugget Ice in Chicago

We have a huge line of ice machines in the Chicago area – perfect for hospitals, schools, and eateries.