For modest ice needs, a countertop ice machine is an excellent option. They provide sanitary, quick-serve ice access for restaurants or even office break rooms to keep up with a variety of ice needs.  Our technicians can either install the ice maker on your countertop or on a specialty stand. With a push-button or lever release design, you’ll have easy access to 200-400 lbs. of ice a day depending on the amount you need. With countertop ice machines you can choose from models that produce many different types of ice cubes, even square ice cubes! With a variety of machine sizes and placement options, countertop ice machines fulfill all your ice-related needs.  

With our commercial ice machine lease programwe only provide you with the best machines on the market. We also provide you with preventative maintenance, repairs and cleanings to keep your machine running smoothly. Call our 24/7 customer service line any time if an ice machine-related issues arises. If the problem can’t be solved over the phone, we will send one our excellent technicians as quickly as possible. If your machine needs repairs, we will cover your daily ice needs until your machine is fixed to our specific standards of quality. Does a countertop ice maker sound like the right fit for you? 

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