With many of our customers being in hospitality services, a hotel ice dispenser are one of our most requested appliances. Most hotels we service install machines on nearly every floor to ensure guests have plenty of ice during their stay. Having self-serving machines allows guests to get their own ice which allows hotel employees to spend their time taking care of larger needs.  

The hotel ice dispensers we offer use a convenient push-button dispensing system so guests can get ice when they need it. We also ensure that our machines are ADA compliant so that everyone can easily use the dispenserAn ADA ice-maker is a must in a hospitality setting to ensure that all guests enjoy their stay. Additionally, since the push-button dispenser keeps the ice contained inside the unit there is less contamination risk to guests!  

With Automatic Icemakers commercial ice machine lease program, we provide everything from the dispenser to preventative maintenance, cleaning and repairs. At one low monthly cost, you’ll have all the ice your business needs. If there’s ever a problem with your ice dispenser, call our 24/7 customer service line! If we can’t fix the problem over the phone, we’ll send a technician over as soon as possible. Since the hospitality industry never sleeps, if your machine needs to be repaired, we will provide back-up ice at no extra charge! 

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