Remote cooled ice machines are a great solution for businesses that really don’t have the space or ventilation to accommodate a more traditional, air cooled ice machine. With a remote cooled ice machine, the condenser unit is installed separately from the ice machines itself. This allows ice machines to be placed in hot or poorly ventilated areas and smaller spaces. The additional components in for a remote cooled ice maker require more setup requirements than a traditional unit as the heat from the ice maker must travel from where it is indoors to the condenser unit outdoors. Talk with one of our ice experts to see if a remote cooled ice machine is right for your business.  

Automatic Icemakers commercial ice machine lease program includes remote machines, preventative maintenance, cleaning, and repairs. We also provide 24/7 customer service to fix all ice machine-related problems as soon as possible. Our ice machine lease program takes the stress out of commercial ice production for one low monthly cost!

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