Hoshizaki B-1500SS


1,500 lbs capacity

Hoshizaki’s B-1500SS stainless-steel ice storage bin has 1500 lbs of ice capacity. At 60″ wide and 62″ tall, the B-1500SS it tailormade for businesses with large ice needs. This large enough to support either two 22″ ice machines or two 30″ units side-by-side, doubling your ice production rate and providing plenty of ample storage.

SS Series ice bins are tough and durable, able to withstand the day to day challenges of any workplace. Their stainless steel exterior prevents corrosion and stains, and cleanup is easy. This bin’s sleek design is perfectly suitable for kitchen or front of house use.

The B-1500SS has a bottom-hinged, pouch-style door, made to prevent ice from clumping at the bottom of the bin. Above are two front-facing sliding doors to inspect the ice machine or the quality of the ice supply.

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