Hoshizaki B-1650SS 60″ Ice Storage Bin with Stainless Steel Finish


1,605 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki B-1650 stainless steel ice storage bin holds  up to 1605 lbs of ice. At 60″ wide and 66″ tall, this bin can support Hoshizaki’s biggest ice machine offerings like the KM 1900. It’s also large enough to support two 22″ ice machines or two 30″ in ice machines to double your ice production.

The B-1650SS’s stainless-steel exterior is as tough as they come. Able to stand up to the harshest work environments. The exterior is naturally stain-resistant and prevents corrosion. Even if it does get dirty, cleanup is quick and easy.

Like all SS Series ice bins, the B-1650SS comes with a bottom-hinged, pouch-style door which allows staff to grab ice from the bottom of the bin, preventing condensation from clumping the ice. The two, sliding, front-facing doors enable users to check on the status of the ice machine and the ice supply.