Hoshizaki B-900PF 52″ Ice Storage Bin with Galvanized Steel Finish


900 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki B-900PF ice bin can store up to 900 lbs of ice. At 52″ wide, this vinyl-clad, sturdy ice bin provides enough side-to-side room to hold two 22″ Hoshizaki ice machines next to one another, doubling your ice production rate.

The Hoshizaki B-900PF ice bin’s vinyl-clad exterior prevents stains and corrosion, making them tough enough to handle any work environment. If the bin does get dirty, clean up is quick and simple. The PF series has a sleek, galvanized steel look that is appealing enough for front-of-house use.

The Hoshizaki B-900PF ice bin has a top-hinged front door that provides easy access to ice, so staff can serve drinks fast during busy hours. Each bin comes with four 6″ adjustable flange legs to accommodate different drainage setups.