Hoshizaki DM-200B Ice Dispenser


200 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki DM-200B ice dispenser provides 200 lbs* of built-in ice storage capacity. It features an easy-to-use push-button design for fast ice or water dispensing. At 30″ wide, the Hoshizaki DM-200B ice dispenser is perfect for large hotel, resort, or office break room settings. It is the perfect companion dispenser for Hoshizaki’s KM-515, KM-600, and KM-901 models and can fit many other ice maker brands as well. Hoshizaki’s DM-Series of ice and water dispensers is ideal for high-volume businesses like shipping and distribution companies, hotels, resorts, and large corporate breakrooms. The Hoshizaki DM-200B ice dispenser comes complete with foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation which keeps ice and water cool throughout the day. Each model uses a push-button single auger agitator design to dispense ice or water at the touch of a button.