Manitowoc F-1325 60″ Ice Storage Bin


1,238 lbs/day

The Manitowoc F-1325 ice bin is part of their high-capacity F-Style Series. The Manitowoc F-1325 ice bin is one of Manitowoc’s largest bins, capable of holding up to 1238 lbs of ice. The F-1325 measures 60″ wide and 54″ tall, slightly shorter than the F-1300 to accommodate businesses with lower ceilings.

The stainless-steel exterior of the Manitowoc F-1325 ice bin features heavy-duty welded construction to prevent damage to the bin. The surface is stain and corrosion resistant, and easy to clean if it does get dirty. With Non-CFC foamed-in-place insulation, ice stays frozen throughout the day.

The Manitowoc F-1325 ice bin’s lift door is made from high-grade polyurethane which makes this door tough as can be. The sliding ice gate makes ice retrieval easy while preventing ice from falling out of the bin. The two sliding doors allow users to check on the status of their ice supply.