Hoshizaki IM-500


500 lbs/day

The IM-500 from Hoshizaki is a stackable commercial square ice cube maker that produces up to 430 lbs of ice a day. This model measures 44″ wide and 21″ high. Since the IM-500 is stackable, a total of three units can be installed onto a single bin to produce close to 1300 lbs of ice a day. Hoshizaki square ice cubes are a perfect addition to any cocktail or whiskey bar because of their classic look. Each cube is produced individually, so cubes never stick together. Square cubes measure 1″ x 1″ x 1 ¼”, and melt slowly, so drinks retain their flavor, allowing customers to savor them longer. Hoshizaki IM model ice machines only use the cleanest water for their ice cubes, so each cube remains crystal clear. If you need a classic looking cube for top-shelf spirits, the IM-500 is a solid choice for mid-sized bars and restaurants.