Hoshizaki KM-1100MRJ Remote Cooled Crescent Ice Machine


1,156 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-1100MRJ crescent ice machine produces up to 1156 lbs of ice a day. Its narrow design lets you to install two units side-by-side on any 60″ ice bin. The Hoshizaki KM-1100MRJ crescent ice machine has a CycleSaver™ design improves efficiency and extends the lifespan of the machine over other ice machines on the market. The EverCheck™ control board lets you know when the machine needs service or maintenance. Remote ice machines are a great choice for low-ventilation businesses. Hot air and noise are emitted outside, rather than inside your establishment.

Hoshizaki’s crescent ice is designed to save you money. Since each ice cube is slender, they fit into glassware easier than square-shaped cubes. This design makes drinks appear fuller and more appealing.