Hoshizaki KM-1601


1,513 lbs/day

If you’re looking for a high production ice machine, Hoshizaki’s KM-1601S crescent ice maker fits the bill. The KM-1601 is a stackable unit that allows you to stack two units on top of your ice storage bin, doubling your daily ice production rate from up to 1433 lbs to over 2800 lbs of ice! Stacked or not, this powerhouse of an ice machine will keep your customers’ drinks refreshed all day long. Hoshizaki’s KM line of ice machines produce each cube individually, so you never have to worry about large clumps of ice forming in your bin. The rounded shape of the cube allows liquid to cascade, which limits splashing which ends up costing bars profit in the long run. The cubes are also designed to displace more liquid than traditional square cubes, so drinks stand taller in the glass. Studies show that KM cubes save around 15% on your total drink yield.