Hoshizaki KM-600


592 lbs/day

Hoshizaki’s KM-600 crescent ice maker is a versatile unit that produces up to 600 lbs of ice at a low energy cost. The KM-600 only requires a 110v power supply to install, where most other machines at this size require 220v. At 22″ wide, this unit is easily installed in narrow areas, making it a popular choice for businesses with limited space. Aside from its space-saving design and low energy cost, the KM-600 produces Hoshizaki’s unique crescent-shaped ice cubes that help limit the costs of overpours and spilling. With traditional square ice cubes, liquid can bounce off the cube’s surface and out of the glass when pouring. Since crescent ice is rounded, liquid cascades over the cubes and directly into the glass. Since crescent ice is slender, more cubes fit into a glass than with large, square cubes. This gives drinks a fuller appearance which keeps customers happy.