Hoshizaki KM-660MAJ Air Cooled Ice Machine


665 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KM-660MAJ ice machine from Hoshizaki is a slim-line model that’s great for businesses with limited side-to-side space. The Hoshizaki KM-660MAJ crescent ice machine has a high production rate coupled with a narrow frame, producing up to 578 lbs of ice a day (under standard temperatures) at only 22″ wide. If you own a 44″ ice storage bin, you can install two of these units side-by-side to effectively double your ice production rate.

The KM-660 features CycleSaver™ design, which limits the number of cycles to a minimum, saving energy in the process. The units crescent-style ice is perfect for any business setting. They’re hard and clear, so they won’t water down drinks or alter their flavor. Better yet, crescent cubes have a rounded design that allows liquid to cascade over the cube. Liquid flows directly into the glass on the pour and won’t splash or spill out of the glass. Finally, since crescent cubes are narrow, they displace liquid better than traditional square cubes. Drinks appear fuller and more appealing to the eye.