Hoshizaki KMD-410MAH Air Cooled Crescent Ice Machine


415 lbs/day

The Hoshizaki KMD-410MAH ice machine is 22″ wide and produces up to 415 lbs. of ice per day, making it a perfect option for delis and self-serve stations. The Hoshizaki KMD-410MAH ice machine features side-to-back ventilation, so heat is emitted behind the unit rather than towards the user. It’s clean, stainless steel exterior makes it excellent for front-of-house use. Since this ice machine uses the same evaporator design as all KM models, you never have to worry about ice clumping in the drop zone and backing up the unit. Each customer will have fast access to ice whenever they need it! Crescent cubes are great for sodas and other soft drinks because they are clear and slow melting. Also, the cubes’ narrow design means more cubes can fit in a cup, giving drinks a fuller appearance.