Koolaire K-400 30″ Ice Storage Bin


365 lbs/day

The Koolaire K-400 ice bin measures 30″ wide and 32″ tall and stores up to 365 lbs of ice. This is a great ice storage option for smaller establishments that use lower production ice machines like the i-500 and i-522.

Each Koolaire K-400 ice bin has a stay open front hinged door that makes ice retrieval a breeze. Each door prevents condensation which can lead to ice clumping in the bin. In addition, the K-400 has an internal ice scoop holder to keep ice scoops in one place and limit contamination.

The K-400 ice bin has a sleek stainless-steel looking finish, with jet black contouring on the side of the bin, making them easy to clean and tough enough for kitchen use. All K series bins come with four 6″ adjustable legs to work with differing drainage setups.