Koolaire K-570 30″ Ice Storage Bin


532 lbs/day

The Koolaire K-570 ice bin stores up to 532 lbs of ice and measures 30″ wide and 44″ tall. This ice storage bin is the perfect companion in for most low-volume ice machines like the i-500 and the i-522.

The Koolaire K-570 ice bin is a durable ice bin that can withstand busy workplaces. It has a sleek, stainless-steel front with jet-black accenting on the sides. While tough, this bin is also perfectly suitable for front-of-house use. The exterior is easy to clean and maintain.

Each K-series ice bin has a stay-open front-hinged door o staff can serve drinks quick and easy. The door also prevents condensation which is the main cause for ice clumping at the bottom of the bin. The four adjustable legs help accommodate different drainage setups with ease.