Koolaire K-970 48″ Ice Storage Bin


882 lbs/day

The Koolaire K-970 ice bin is the largest ice storage bin in the K-series, storing up to 882 lbs of ice. This bin measures 48″ wide and 44″ tall and is a great option for establishments that have mid-level ice needs. It’s the perfect companion bin to Manitowoc models like the i-900.

The Koolaire K-970 ice bin is built tough and durable, able to stand up to the most challenging work conditions. It’s sleek, stainless-steel front help guard against stains and corrosion, and the jet black sides make the bin perfectly suitable for front-of-house use. Each K-series ice bin is easy to clean, saving time and effort during closing hours.

Each K-Series bin comes with a front-hinged stay-open door, so staff can grab ice and go during the busiest work hours. The door also helps prevent condensation from forming, which leads to ice clumping in the bin. The K-970’s internal scoop holder helps prevent the chance of ice scoop contamination from outside the bin.