Manitowoc i-620


575 lbs/day

The Manitowoc Indigo NXT 0620 ice maker is an excellent option for businesses with limited space. This unit is 22″ shorter than the popular i-0600 ice maker and produces a similar output between 465-575 lbs of ice a day (dependant on workplace conditions). This unit features that same front door access as the rest of the NXT family, which makes it easier to clean and service.

Choose between two different types of ice shapes, Dice and Half Dice. Dice Ice (ID) is a small, square-shaped cube that elevates the look of soft drinks and cocktails alike. Half Dice Ice (IY) is one of Manitowoc’s most popular sellers, because of its versatility and narrow shape. These cubes fill a glass better than traditional square cubes, which help drinks look fuller and more impressive.