Manitowoc IR-1900A


1,800 lbs/day

The IRT 1900 ice maker from Manitowoc is the perfect choice for high-volume bars and restaurants that specialize in cocktails and top shelf spirits. The IR series of ice machines produce Manitowoc’s signature “rhomboid” shape ice cubes in a large enough package to keep drinks cool without watering them down. The IRT 1900 produces up to 1350 lbs of ice under standard temperatures and nearly 1800 lbs of ice a day under optimal 70/70 degree air and water temperatures.

As with all Manitowoc ice maker models, this unit places all of the vital components behind an easy to remove front faceplate, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze! It also features a touch screen display which communicates ice machine feedback to users to help monitor when the ice maker is in need of service.