Manitowoc IR-620A


525 lbs/day

The IRF-0620 ice maker from Manitowoc is part of their new NXT line of ice makers. Each unit produces up to 410 lbs of ice a day under standard operating temperatures. At 22″, the IRF-0620 is 8″ shorter than the IRF-0600, making it a great option if your business is short on space. Each model features easy access to vital components, so service calls are quicker and more thorough.

This model produces Manitowoc’s “regular” cube, which is large and slow melting. Regular cubes were designed with the cocktail enthusiast in mind. They are crystal-clear and provide maximum cooling without affecting the flavor of drinks.

The IRF-0620 features Manitowoc’s new touch screen diagnostic display which alerts users to potential ice maker problems and signals when the unit is due for maintenance.