Manitowoc IRF-900A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine


797 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IRF-900A ice machine is an excellent choice for mid-range mixology bars and restaurants that serve high-end spirits and cocktails. The Manitowoc IRF-900A ice machine produces between 650-800 labs of ice a day depending on environmental conditions. Each “Regular” (IR) style ice cube is large and slow-melting, so drinks stay cooler longer without losing their flavor. At only 30″ wide, this a great space-saving unit with a large ice output.

All Manitowoc ice makers are energy efficient and easily serviced, so your utility bills stay low. As part of Manitowoc’s NXT line of ice machines, each unit comes complete with a touch screen display that alerts users to potential problems and upcoming cleaning events. Manitowoc’s Regular (IR) sized cubes are designed for the high-end cocktail bar or restaurant.