Manitowoc IRT-620A Air Cooled Regular Ice Machine


525 lbs/day

The Manitowoc IRT-620A ice machine produces between up to 525 lbs. of ice per day. Regular cubes are larger than Manitowoc’s Dice Cubes, but still come in their unique “rhomboid” shape. The Manitowoc IRF-0620A ice machine comes in at 22”, which is 8″ shorter the IRF-0600. It’s a great option if you need maximum ice production but are dealing with limited side-to-side space. All NXT Series machine are accessible from the front of the unit, making cleaning a cinch. Their signature “rhomboid” shape is a unique twist on the traditional square ice cube, but are still solid and slow melting, so the dilute drinks far slower than smaller sized cubes. Regular cube ice machines come in a range of production sizes, so they can fit any establishment’s ice needs.