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Sanitary Ice with Scotsman Ice Makers

Among leading ice machine manufacturers, Scotsman stands out for producing quality commercial ice and water dispensers for businesses. Scotsman ice machines’ reliability and the sanitation of their touchless technology are two of the company’s most impressive boasts.

At Automatic Icemakers, the choice to include Scotsman ice machines in our product offering was easy. We are committed to providing the market’s top equipment to our lease customers, and Scotsman fits the bill. Our all-inclusive ice machine lease program not only gives our customers access a full lineup of Scotsman touchless ice makers.

If you’re considering a Scotsman ice machine for your business, continue reading to learn more about the benefits and what you can expect from a Scotsman ice maker.

Scotsman Ice Makers: A Reputation to Be Proud Of

Since the 1950s, Scotsman has been producing affordable and dependable ice machines. They now offer more than 300 models of ice machines, countertop ice makers, bins, and dispensers. Scotsman is one of the most well known brands and the largest industrial ice maker manufacturer worldwide.

Scotsman ice machines are in use in more than 1 million businesses and homes around the globe, serving countless industries including hotel, food service, offices, and more.

Sanitary Ice with Scotsman Ice Makers

Scotsman’s touchless technology was ahead of its time, and now businesses relying on Scotsman ice makers are more appreciative than ever of being able to supply safe, clean ice access.

Ice can still carry germs, even though it’s rare and they only live for a short time. However, a contaminated ice maker can continue to produce dirty ice until it has been sanitized. So the key is to prevent a dirty ice maker in the first place. This isn’t always easy to do with a high-traffic appliance like an ice maker.

Get a Touchless Scotsman Ice Maker at a Low Price!

Our all-inclusive ice machine leases include a full line of touchless Scotsman ice dispensers! Professional cleaning and service is included in our low, monthly cost.

Scotsman found a way though. Scotsman ice machine mold AgION™ antimicrobial compounds directly into key components of their ice makers. This unique technology works to fight pathogens and keep the ice supply safe.

Furthermore, Scotsman touchless ice makers nearly eliminate the chance for contamination altogether by utilizing hands-free ice dispenser technology. Models like the Scotsman Meridian HID312A-1 air cooled touchless ice dispenser allow users to simply place their drinkware beneath the ice chute. Ice is automatically dispensed. This means people have no reason to touch the surface of the ice machine and risk leaving behind germs.

Easily Access Scotsman Ice Makers for Service and Cleanings

Why should you care if Scotsman ice machines are easy to access for deep cleanings and service? With any luck, you won’t be doing much of either.

However, the easier they are to access means the less time your ice machine tech has to spend on deep cleans and repairs. Unless you are an Automatic Icemakers lease customer who gets free cleanings and repairs, you want to minimize the time your tech spends on such activities so you can minimize your costs.

Scotsman Ice Machine Repairs

Scotsman machines are both durable and easy to fix. Many Scotsman ice makers, including the Scotsman Meridian ice dispensers we carry, are made with sturdy stainless steel exteriors. This allows for ease of cleaning and protects the machine from normal daily bumps in a busy workplace.

The components of Scotsman ice machines and their countertop ice dispensers are easy to access for repairs and service. Most ice machine service companies charge by the hour, so giving techs the quickest access to the machine benefits your bottom line.

Cleaning Your Scotsman Ice Machine

Regular cleaning is critical to ensuring a safe, sanitary ice supply. Cleaning helps extend the life of the machine as well.

In addition to regular cleaning by your staff, Scotsman ice makers should be professionally cleaned. An easier to access ice machine like Scotsman means that it’s easier to clean and techs can do an especially thorough job, which may prolong the life of your machine.

Professional cleaning is important to remove any mold or scale that may have formed on your ice machine. It’s critical to remove such substances, as they can lead to major costly repairs down the road when untended. The industry standard is two deep cleans and ice maker service visits per year. Business owners who lease their ice machines from Automatic Icemakers receive both cleanings as part of their all-inclusive program and low, monthly rate.

If you’re seeking a reliable, sanitary ice supply, consider choosing a Scotsman ice machine from our lineup of touchless models from Hoshizaki and Scotsman. They’re the go-to option when you want to supply your customers and employees with safe ice. And they can deliver the quantity of ice you need. The Scotsman Meridian HID540 model produces up to 500 pounds of nugget ice per day!

Time to Get Your Own Scotsman Ice Maker

If all the talk of cleaning, service, and repairs made you realize owning an ice machine is a lot of work, well you’re not wrong. It is a lot of work, unless you have an entire support ecosystem designed to maintain and repair ice machines with expert care. That’s what we have at Automatic Icemakers, and it enables us to offer our lease customers a worry-free ice experience. We supply our customers with top-of-the-line machines and then handle everything from cleanings to service and repairs to back-up ice. And we do it all for a low monthly cost.

Contact our team of Ice Machine Experts anytime to get help choosing the right ice maker for your business.

Our team is available to help you get started today!

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