What to Know When Purchasing Used Ice Maker Bins 

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Used ice bins

Most large ice machines are modular, meaning they require both the machine and a separate ice storage bin. If you’re thinking about buying a modular ice machine, you’re also in the market for an ice maker bin. Buying used ice maker bins is a cost-friendly decision, but here are some tips that will help you be as informed during the purchasing process as possible.

A used ice storage bin can attach to any right-sized machine, whether it’s a new or used commercial ice maker. However, getting the right fit is just the first step in the bin buying process.

Choosing the Right Size Used Commercial Ice Storage Bin

If you’re buying a used ice storage bin in Chicago for a commercial ice machine you already own, you’ll need to make sure you have the right measurements. Finding the right-sized bin is important to make sure your machine is performing well. Used ice maker bins can only hold a limited amount of ice so you want to be sure the maximum capacity of the bin is the same as your ice machine’s output.

Inside an ice machine, there is an ice machine bin control that stops ice production when reached. These mechanical or thermostatic sensors make sure that ice doesn’t overflow out of your machine. If you use an ice bin that is too small for a machine, your machine will never perform it’s best as the ice machine bin control will turn the machine off before it has produced its daily output.

Another thought to keep in mind is that bins made for small machines and large ice makers vary in design. For example, very large bins made to hold over 1300 lbs. of ice usually have two sets of doors, one sliding door to view the ice and a lower door used to grab ice.

Used Ice Maker Bins and Machine Compatibility

Industrial ice machines come in many sizes, with most ranging from 22” to 48” wide. This means that used ice maker bins range in size well, but just because the ice machine and the bin are different sizes doesn’t mean they aren’t still compatible.

Adapter kits are available to help you create a seal between the machine and used ice maker bins that may not be quite the right size. Adapters allow the machine to sit safely on the top of the bin while the ice stays cool and clean below.

One trick to making sure a used ice storage bin is compatible with a machine is to buy the same brand. If you have a Hoshizaki ice machine, you’ll find the most luck with a Hoshizaki ice bin. Same with Manitowoc, that machine will be most compatible with a Manitowoc ice bin. Machine manufacturers sell bin adapter kits in all sizes.

Following this tip will make the process much easier, as it is much harder to find a bin and machine from different brands that are compatible.

What to Look for on the Outside of a Used Ice Maker Bin

Exterior damage is going to be the easiest thing to spot first when looking at used ice maker bins. Commercial used ice equipment is bound to have normal wear and tear, but excessive dents and dings could affect how well the bin works. Additionally, the equipment should be clean, so you don’t end up with a dirty ice machine.

Things to look out for:

  • Deep dents that could prevent effective insulation.
  • Holes that let moisture in between the bin lining.
  • Rust or corrosion, signifying leaks.
  • Broken or worn hinges on bin doors.
  • Condensation on bin doors and exterior panels when ice is in bin.
  • Damage on threads of drain fittings.

What to Look for on the Inside of a Used Ice Bin

Even if the outside of the used ice storage bin is in good condition, you’ll still need to check the interior for damage as well. A well-working bin will have a plastic liner inside with foamed-in-place insulation behind it.

Check the interior for:

  • Cracks or holes in the liner could lead to moisture leaks in the insulation.
  • Bubbling or separation in the liner when touched.
  • Water between the liner and bin.

If there is a leak in the lining, it will damage the insulation around the bin, making it less effective.

These issues can lead to bigger problems down the road. If damages are present, it is best to look at a different bin.

Think When Buying Used Ice Maker Bins

Getting the best commercial ice equipment for sale will play a big part in your ice machine’s production. Ice machine equipment can be unpredictable and buying a used part means accounting for the previous owner’s mistakes. Spotting the signs of good equipment helps you to make an educating decision when buying a used ice storage bin for your machine.

Purchasing well-maintained, clean equipment helps to promote ice safety and reduces the risk of needing an ice machine repair.

If you don’t want to risk looking for used ice maker bins and machines for your Chicago business, contact us. Our all inclusive ice machine program offers both Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice machine leases for your Chicago business. We even include maintenance and cleaning your ice machine bin at an affordable price.

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