What is an ADA Ice Maker? 

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ADA Ice Maker

An ADA ice maker is an ice machine that meets the specification outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was established in 1990. The measure prohibits the discrimination of people with disabilities, and ADA-complaint appliances are designed so people with disabilities can have access without assistance. The ADA is a federal law that extends to Chicago businesses as well.

In this article, we’ll discuss what makes an ice maker ADA-compliant and the types of ADA-compliant ice machines you’ll find in many businesses.

What are the Specifications of an ADA Ice Maker?

According to Title III of the American Disabilities Act, public accommodations must be accessible to individuals who require wheelchairs. Countertops must not rise above 32.5 inches tall. ADA ice makers must either measure 32” high or have their ice bin opening at that height.

Many undercounter machines (though not all) are already ADA compliant since they need to fit in tight spaces. Hotel and motel ice dispensers, which are commonly open to the public, have their ice dispensing zone and activation lever below 32”.

Types of ADA Ice Machines

There are a few different types of ADA ice makers you’ll commonly see on the market. Here are a few:

  • Undercounter Ice Makers: ADA compliant versions of these machines are designed to fit under countertops 32.5” tall. Models like the Hoshizaki IM-200BAB ice machine meet these requirements.

ADA Ice Maker Leasing

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  • Hotel Ice Dispensers: Since hotel ice dispensers are open to the public, it’s important that they’re ADA compliant. Hotel dispensers like the Hoshizaki DB-130 hotel ice dispenser and Hoshizaki 200H hotel ice dispenser are designed for this very reason.
  • Cabinet Style Ice Makers: These ice makers are popular in offices and meeting rooms. They have a door that opens like a refrigerator or cabinet. Employees simply open the door and scoop ice for drinks. ADA compliant models measure below 32” and are designed to fit under counters or blend into walls and other fixtures.

Keep in mind, since ADA ice machines are small, they may not produce enough ice for larger businesses. If your business requires over 1000 lbs of ice a day, you’re likely better off with a large modular ice machine with a bin or multiple ADA ice makers.

ADA Ice Makers for Chicago Businesses

If you run a Chicago business where you need your industrial ice machine is open to the public, and an ADA-compliant ice machine helps make ice available to all. They also benefit from being small, and out of the way, so they’re a great option if you’re looking for a small ice maker. Are you looking for an ADA ice machine? Then contact us today! We include maintenance, cleaning, and repairs to make sure your commercial ice machine always performs at 100% efficiency!

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